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Around Vivari

Vila Vivari is located on magnificent Peloponese peninsula surrounded by the most impressive myths You have heard. While staying in the heart of history, You can still enjoy beach, water and quiet relaxed hours without the city rush, pollution and noise.

Close to Vila Vivari, there are numerous attractions, which You may visit without any special preparations. This is an extract of some of most appreciated places our guests have been to. All these sightseeings listed are in proximity of Vila Vivari and we recommend them to You as well.

Whether you prefer to explore on your own or enjoy the view in chauffeur-driven comfort, we are happy to advise and arrange for You, as well as tailor the itinerary to your preferences.

Nauplio view
Nauplio Old & New


Explore the first capital of modern Greece named after the son of Poseidon. Visit Palamidi the biggest fortress of Venetian empire located outside the Italy and named after the hero of Trojan war, walk around Arvanitia cliffs, or take a photo tour through magnificent cobblestone streets lined with boutiques, elite shops, cafeterias, bars, tavernas and night clubs. pdf icon pdf icon
Bazaar people shopping
Bazaar Shopping Therapy
Bazaar is a favorite pastime for both locals and tourists.
Both Argos and Nauplio host traditional markets where You can expect pushing through the crowds, calling of the shopkeepers, haggling with the merchants, smells of fish, vegetables and coffee. pdf icon
Moni Augou 400x240
Moni Avgou, Egg Abbey of St.Demetrios 
Thousand years old epochal monastery is built within the rocks of mountain slope, isolated, far from civilisation and peaceful.
Praise the monks from this holy place that could not see the suffering under the Ottomans and joined the Greek War of Independence.
Monastery is accessible by car, but we recommend 4x4, motorcycle or mountain bikes. Contact us for advice or arrangements. pdf icon
Pyramid in Argolis
Argolic pyramids
On the road that in the antiquity led from Argos to Tegea stands the pyramid of Hellinikon.
This imposing monument unique in the whole Greece built from large limestone blocks resembles Egyptian burial places. However it was part of fortresses protecting roads 400 years BC.
Being only 20 minutes from the Nauplio it is a favorite spot for our guests. pdf icon
Kaiki boat trip
Kaiki boat trip 
Imagine the sun, cool breeze, unknown isolated beach and diving in the sea. Can this be more pleasant?
Experience it in a completely different way, on deck of the kaiki, a traditional Greek wooden fishing boat that can be seen on the postcards, photographs and movies.
closest archeological site is akropoli Assini between Plaka beach and Kokkinos vrahos
Ancient acropolis Assini
Closest archeological site to Vila Vivari is just 10 minutes far. It is the ancient kingdom of Assini located on top of the hill between Plaka beach and Kokkinos vrahos. This place has been well described as early as in Homer`s Iliad and Odyssey as one of the Greek kingdoms participating in a ten years old devastating Trojan war.
The exhibition is so far publicly open without any admission fee. pdf icon



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