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The trademark of Nauplio is its sand beach Karathona. It is a popular destination for many tourists, both international and Greek. Sand, shadow of the trees, camping, bars, restaurants, sport facilities and short distance from town (5km) make it the first choice of many tourists accommodated in Nauplio. This beach is never empty, even in winter one will find locals, caravans and young people celebrating around fire. Besides this, from time to time You can see a wedding here. Karathona is accessible by foot from Arvanitia beach, but be prepared for more than an hour long hiking under the sun heat on a dirt road. Most people come here by cars or motorcycles and during the season by public bus.

parking in shadows of the trees at Karathona is never a problem
Karathona is more than one and half kilometer (one mile) long artificial beach. Originally it was not a sand beach, but during its construction sand has been raised and mined from Kandia beach to create this landmark of Nauplio. Engineers had in mind the distance from the town and created enough space here. The shore is lined with a row of trees and palms, under which one can always park without problem. Only really close to the bars and restaurants there are more spots taken. Karathona is for this reason exceptionally popular among caravans, which come to visit all the time, even in coldest winter days (typical average temperature in February is 15°C).
Karathona is never empty
The beach is crowded especially during summer and even more on weekends. It is not shocking, because it is guarded, organised, equipped for public and accessible. These are strong benefits notably significant for families with kids who visit this beach in numbers. Most people tend to be around the bars and restaurants, however also other sections of beach gets their attention. Young people concentrate around bars and sport areas, families often bring their own umbrellas and chairs. Parasols available at the bars are for free for all the guests of the bar. They are not being charged extra. 
Sand beach is great attraction
Sand is a great attraction of this beach. Although it is not so fine as in Tolo, kids really enjoy it. Sea is shallow which further helps the parents to keep an eye on their kids. The seabed is also covered with sand, with the exception of stone slabs which are little bit deeper. Sand is also great for sport activities like beach rockets. Sporting is widely exercised at multiple locations and equipment rentals are present as well. However if You are really serious about it, there are more proper places (Nauplio Kite Center or Iria beach). Due to the number of people here, please be thoughtful of others around. 
Even healthy young adult may suffer burns if bitten at Karathona
One should be especially careful at this beach and watch for seaweed, anemones and jelly fish. Anemones and seaweed tend to be present at the Karathona stone slabs and they bite. Children, elderly people and those with allergy or impaired immune system should be extremely careful. Systemic shock can result from such a bite and if serious, ambulance may not make it in time to help. Even completely healthy young adult may suffer serious burns here. Although not publicly advertised, this is a natural characteristic of Karathona beach. Locals are aware of this danger and keep distance from stones. Do the same. You will minimise the chances of being bitten only to the free floating jelly fish and teared anemones and seaweed.
abandoned wooden boat at Karathona
If You are looking for a little bit of space and not so noisy place, try the far end of the beach close to the chappel. Being at the end of the beach, it is visited mostly by people having boats tied there and those looking for quiet. This abandoned traditional wooden boat will give you a hint that You are at the end of the beach. Beyond it is only the church and small port.
More pictures of Karathona beach are in our gallery.
Notice at the end, please do not throw cigarettes, plastic cups and other waste into the sea nor on the beach. Karathona beach is organised, regularly cleaned and there are trash bins around. If You do not find one, take the waste with you. We are proud of our nature and Vila Vivari participates in the program of a sustainable tourism.
Protect the beauty around you, so that Your children may one day see it as well.
written by Michal Kohlmann



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