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For decades Arvanitia had a reputation of a busy Nauplio town beach. It has been visited by those who had no mean of going to other beautiful beaches located further away. Today the situation has improved, beach is clean, renovated and much better prepared and equipped for public. It facilitates a small pebble beach and recently also a much larger bar with restaurant. Most people come here just because of that, i.e. to sit at the "beach" bar without necessity to leave the town. The truth is that this is the biggest benefit of the small town beach.

Although it has changed a lot, do not expect an authentic Greek experience.

Few years ago Arvanitia was a bitter place
Even though Arvanitia is the one and only beach accessible by foot from Nauplio, it has been a sad and bitter place enclosed between ruins of old hotels and concrete night-hag at the beach. The situation improved massively since 2014 when current contractor of the beach bar/restaurant substantially boosted beach appearance by renewal of the bar and restaurant, building public facilities, remodeling the beach and organising attractions. However, the hotels ruins and concrete taste remain. If it weren`t these, it would be a definite hot spot of Nauplio.
plenty of parking spots available
Arvanitia is not only a beach, but also a base point for Palamidi ascend, walking path around Arvanitia cliffs and hiking path to Karathona and "Neraki" beach. Parking place is adequate and You will always find a spot for car.
Parking place is also a useful resource of information. In the summer, most cars belong to the people on the beach, so You can easily assess the situation down on the beach without stepping out of the car. For example seeing this, I knew that the beach is busy and there is serious number of visitors.
Number of people visit the beach daily in summer
Arvanitia in the summer is is a frequent target of various travelers. Unique views to Akronafplia Castle, Palamidi Castle and the Argolic Gulf are among the reasons. The other one is the location. Being within a walking distance from the old town, it is an excellent option if you don't have a car or are time limited. Because of the crowded character of the beach, be careful with Your belongings. Petty thefts are quite often.
beach is only 60 meters wide
Besides the umbrellas with sun beds for bar guests, there is only one short, only 60m long pebble beach where one can lay down. It can become quite populated, especially on weekends, but do not despair.
Few meters further down starts a walking path around Arvanitia cliffs. At its beginning at Arvanitia beach, there are massive rocks and stone plates smoothened by the sea where you can comfortably rest. Going to and from the water is not so easy, but if You do not have health isues, You will manage. Also there are steel step-ladders that will help.
Residents wishing for a little more peace sometimes take the walking path around cliffs and look for empty spots down at the sea shore. There are few really small places where one can easily descend and enjoy "privacy".
water is clear in Arvanitia
Water at Arvanitia beach is azure clear and deep with the seabed descending rapidly. There may also be currents, because the beach is not naturally protected, so beware of small kids.
Although the water is clean and the beach has much recovered from its past, if you are not limited in time, I would suggest visiting other beaches around. They will definitely create much deeper and more authentic impression. You will enjoy much more the time spent there than at Arvanitia.
For more pictures of Arvanitia beach check out our gallery.
Notice at the end, please do not throw cigarettes, plastic cups and other waste into the sea nor on the beach. Arvanitia beach is organised and there are trash bins around. If You do not find one, take the waste with you. We are proud of our nature and Vila Vivari participates in the program of a sustainable tourism.
Protect the beauty around you, so that Your children may one day see it as well.
written by Michal Kohlmann



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